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Onsen (Hot Springs) in Takarazuka

Soak in the healing waters of Takarazuka

The name Takarazuka may remind people more of the Takarazuka Revue all-female theater company than of onsen (hot springs), but the two have historically gone hand-in-hand. This makes the city a place of musical dreams and healing waters. So take advantage of Takarazuka’s unique offerings by following musical entertainment with a slow and relaxing hot-spring bath.
An onsen is also the ultimate end to a day of hiking along the Rokkō Traverse Trail.
Takarazuka Onsen can be enjoyed at any of three locations near Takarazuka Station: Hotel Wakamizu, Nature Spa Takarazuka, and Takarazuka Washington Hotel. Or, take the train three stops from JR Takarazuka Station to Takedao Station, where you can enjoy Takedao Onsen at either Kōyōkan Bettei Azalée or Takedao Motoyu.