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Nakayamadera Temple

Pray for safe and healthy childbirth at Nakayamadera

Since ancient times Nakayamadera Temple has been known as a place where you can pray for the safe birth of a healthy child. It’s also had a devout following among members of the Imperial family and samurai clan leaders such as Minamoto no Yoritomo (in the 12th century) and Toyotomi Hideyoshi (in the 16th century). Nakayamadera is thought to have been founded in the 6th century by Prince Shōtoku, an influential regent and statesman. It’s said to be the first sacred site in Japan dedicated to the Kannon bodhisattva (the goddess of mercy). It’s also the 24th of 33 temples on the Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage, the route of which travels throughout the Kansai region of Japan. Many visitors come to the temple to pray for fertility and a healthy newborn child, often returning to give thanks when their prayers have been answered. Other child-related rites are also performed here—a baby’s first temple visit, for example, or the Shichi-go-san rite of passage. The temple grounds are full of interesting sights, such as the newly reconstructed five-story pagoda.
Nakayamadera is easily accessible, being a mere stone’s throw from Nakayama-kannon Station on the Hankyu line. Escalators and elevators on the temple grounds offer easy access for pregnant women, parents with babies, and the elderly.

Nakayamadera Temple
0797-87-0024 (9:00–17:00)
2-11-1 Nakayamadera, Takarazuka 665-8588
1 min. walk north from Hankyu Nakayama-kannon Station
9:00–17:00 (temple office hours); hours for visiting the temple are not specified