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Kiyoshikōjin Seichōji Temple

Receive the blessing of Japan's “kitchen god”

Kiyoshikōjin Seichōji is an ancient temple at which both Shintō and Buddhist beliefs are practiced. In the Kansai area, the temple is known affectionately as “Kōjin-san”—a name derived from Kōjin, the temple’s resident deity of fire and kitchens. Following its founding in 896, Emperor Uda gave the temple an honorific title indicating that it was “the premier shrine to Kōjin.” With Shintō and Buddhist structures standing side by side in harmony, this is a place that overflows with a special healing energy. The approach from Hankyu Kiyoshikōjin Station to the temple grounds is called Tatsu no Michi (“path of the dragon”). It’s filled with eateries, souvenir shops, and more. Why not pop in to some of these shops as you make your way up the winding path to the temple?

Kiyoshikōjin Seichōji Temple
0797-86-6641 (9:00–17:00)
1 Kiyoshi, Maitani, Takarazuka 665-0831
20 min. walk from Hankyu Kiyoshikōjin Station
• Tessai Museum (Seikōden)
10:00–16:30 (enter by 16:00)
Closed Mon. (open on public holidays and substitute holidays and closed the following Tues.) and on certain days in summer and winter
• Museum of History and Art
9:30–16:30 (open year-round; closed year-end/New Year holidays and mid Aug.)
• Tessai Museum
Adults 300 yen, university and high school students 200 yen, junior high and elementary school students 100 yen
• Museum of History and Art