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Shopping, souvenirs

Takarazukakita Service Area

Large service area on the Shin-Meishin Expressway

It is filled with various facilities, a food court where you can enjoy tastes of well-known stores from the Kansai region, the first yogurt gelato specialty store "Yogorino" and “Tully’s Coffee” have opened in a service area in the west Japan area.
Very popular sweets, such as "Henri Charpentier" and "Kobe Frantz", can be purchased at the sweets corner. Takarazukakita Service Area is the only service area with these stores.
In the shopping area, you can purchase "Takarazuka Revue "and" Tezuka Osamu" goods and souvenirs.


The buildings, similar to those around the "Hananomichi" area in the central part of Takarazuka city, have a “Takarazuka Modernism” feel with a South European design.
The layout allows inbound and outbound traffic to use the same facilities.
It is worth visiting Takarazukakita SA, even just to use the ladies restroom, which has powder rooms, dressing rooms in a chandeliered gracious space.
You will certainly spend a relaxing time.

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Name Takarazukakita Service Area

Shopping, souvenirs(Local specialties / Other)

Phone 0797-91-1123
Address Tamaseazaokunoyaki 1-125, Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo - Directions
Access No access to Takarazuka-kita SA or Smart IC depending on your expressway direction. Details: http://www.w-nexco.co.jp/emc-archive/takarazukakita-smartic/
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Where to buy Same as above
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