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Aiai Park

A British-style park devoted to flowers and greenery

In April 2000, this park opened as a place for sharing information on flowers and greenery in Yamamoto, an area with a 1,000-year history and today one of the three largest garden-tree-producing areas in Japan.
Visitors can enjoy the stylish and novel atmosphere of a park designed to reproduce the beautiful landscape of an English country town in 17th-century Surrey.
The park offers many events and shops, including a greenery store, model gardens, library café, gardening classes, greenery advice, restaurant, and shops of garden supplies and household goods. We hope you will have a great time at Aiai Park.


● Green Shop Paeonia
A greenhouse atrium brought over from the UK boasts a beautiful combination of white frames and plate glass.
● Gardening Shop Aiai Gallery
The shop offers a wide assortment of carefully selected garden supplies, such as stylish and highly functional gardening materials, flowerpots, and group planting for indoor use.
● Library Café Bumblebee
More than 1,000 gardening-related books are available. You can read them over a cup of tea in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Gardening Shop Aiai Gallery

    Gardening Shop Aiai Gallery

  • Library Café Bumblebee

    Library Café Bumblebee

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Name Aiai Park

Activities, experiences


Horticulture promotion center

Phone 0797-82-3570
Address 2-2-1 Yamamoto-higashi, Takarazuka Directions
Access 5 min. walk from Hankyu Yamamoto Station
Hours 10:00-17:30
Closed Dec. 28 (12:00) to Jan. 3
Where to buy Same as above
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