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Art, entertainment

Seikō Bunko collection

A collection of art and theater materials unique to Takarazuka

Seikō Bunko is located within the Takarazuka City Library and was established following a donation of art-related materials by Kiyoshikōjin Seichōji Temple. The temple purchased the materials using admission fees from the Tessai Museum on its premises. The collection incorporates materials related to art history, paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, craftwork, and more. There are also some Takarazuka Revue materials here too. In the display area are accurate replicas of items such as hanging scrolls and handscrolls designated as National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties. Admission is free.


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Name Seikō Bunko collection

Art, entertainment


In addition to its permanent exhibit, Seikō Bunko holds exhibitions based on various themes.
Closed: Wed., 2nd Fri. every month, year-end/New Year holidays, two weeks in Feb.–Mar.

Phone 0797-84-6121
Address Takarazuka City Library, 1-2-18 Kiyoshikōjin, Takarazuka Directions
Access Right by Hankyu Kiyoshikōjin Station
Hours 10:00-17:00
Closed See "Outline".
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